Create your own drink
following your own recipe

Make your own home-made cider, wine or beer. Use our recipes or invent your own recipe. Try yourself in a real skill!

Our equipment for home-made alcoholic beverages will help you in this intention.

Home-made beer
Make your own home-made beer and enjoy a great quality of your product. Amaze your friends!

Refreshing cider
Imagine a delicious and refreshing home-made cider or pear cider. Tempting, isn’t it? This is real!

Natural wines
Treat your loved ones with table, grape or, for example, rhubarb wine. Without sulfites.

Other sets

Set «4»

The set is suitable for production and storage of carbonated drinks. Bottles are guaranteed not to explode from the gases of the drink.

92 €*

Set «3»

Set: Fermenter, bucket, 10 bottles and 10 bag-in-box packages. The set allows storing carbonated and non-carbonated drinks

89 €*

Set «2»

The set is suitable for the lovers of the preparation of beer, wine or cider. Bottles are guaranteed not to explode from the gases of the drink.

73 €*

Set «1»

Professional approach to preparation of the drinks will allow achieving an exact level of sugar and alcohol in the product.

57 €*

All sets are designed for the preparation of any drinks. Only the methods of storing of the drinks are varying. So, the complete set with bottles and bag-in-boxes allows preparing and storing both wines (still drinks) and beer with cider (drinks that need to be stored only in the bottles that are withstanding high pressure). However, by choosing one of the complete sets, you can always buy the necessary components in our online store.

* The prices are indicated for the sets as the minimum complete units. The price may change when choosing a different number of components. The price does not include the cost of delivery. You will find out the cost of delivery to your country on the checkout page.

Take a ready-made recipe

or create your own recipe…

You will find the exact instructions for making tasty and refreshing cider, table grape wine or home-made beer on our blog. Just take a ready-made solution and use it or try an experiment and invent something on your own…

Home-made beer
This recipe will allow you to make light beer brewed from barley.

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Apple Cider
A refreshing apple cider made from white varieties of apples or pears.

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Grape wine
Make your own red grape wine.

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Single products

You can buy the necessary components for making your favorite drinks in our online store. Here you will find only high-quality products from the appropriate and tested materials..